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DDR4 3200 32GB DIMM

AD5U480032G-S DDR5 4800 40-40-40 32GB U-DIMM 1.1V SINGLE TRAY
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DDR5 4800 16GB DIMM

NTBSD5N48SP-16, Netac Basic DDR5-4800 16GB C40, DIMM 262-Pin DDR5 / NB , DDR5-4800, PC5-38400, 16G x 1, 40-40-40-77, 1.1V, Single Channel

DDR5 4800 8GB DIMM

AD5U48008G-S The DDR5-4800 DIMM delivers blazing frequencies of up to 4800 MT/s, a major leap from the max. frequency of DDR4 modules (3200 MT/s)
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XPG DDR5 6000 32GB KIT

AX5U6000C3016G-DCLABK, DDR5-6000, 30-40-40, 1.35V, 2x16GB. BLACK, DUAL COLOR BOX, Lifetime warranty

Showing all 5 results